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Going Out In Style

This is the latest offering from Quincy, MA natives Dropkick Murphys. Its their 7th studio album and their first one in 4 years.

So what exactly does four years get you? Quite a lot actually. According to the band the album tells the story of fictional character Cornelius Larkin on the day of his passing. The band works from that point backwards telling the tales of his life.

For the unfamiliar listener, many of their songs will sound the same. Its easy to think that when almost everyone features a bagpipe or accordion. However, nothing could be further from the truth.  They are back with their classic irish punk folk rock style but its seems a bit tempered than earlier attempts. They are no longer just an average garage band playing for drinks on the weekends. Its a well polish outfit and their music reflects that. I honestly think theres something for everyone here.  The title track is a rip roaring-sing-with-with-your-friends tune and its followed up with the more composed ballad like folk song “Cruel”. Memorial day features a flute that gives the melody an early punk rock feel.

“Take Em Down” is they battle hymn of the average American working hard for a living.  No really, it is. In fact the band decided to sell t shirts based on the song to support the Wisconsin Workers Rights Emergency Response Fund.

In a day in age with the art of songwriting and the crafting of a complete album is going out the window, Going Out In Style shows that its not completely gone. You can see there’s a lot of thought that went into the arrangement, and the album has a certain flow that few bother to acheive nowdays.

All told, I was very pleased with the album as a whole.  It really gets you going from start to finish. My suggestion? When St Patrick’s day rolls around, get some friends together and break out the Jameson and Guinness. This record was made for sharing good times and good drinks with friends.



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