Death Cab For Cutie-Atlantic Records Presents: Death Cab for Cutie In Living Stereo!

    This is a funny little single and it was one of the biggest surprises that I picked up. I was about to leave and saw it by the register. For $3, I’m game. Its actually a sample single of 3 new songs:  “Home Is A Fire”, “You Are A Tourist” and “Some Boys“.   All of these will be featured on their new album Codes And Keys due out May 31st. It starts off by having a pseudo 1950’s announcer introduce the band and songs. You get a good sample of each song with a generous serving of Mr. Announcer. The whole record is a tip of the hat to the old sample singles. The sort of thing you would hear playing in a store or car dealership. If you go into this expecting to hear a complete song or two, you will disappointed. If you take it for what its worth, its a neat little throw back record.



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